Community Services and Programs

  • Health Access Navigation Services (HANS)

    PROGRAM INFORMATION: Referral for the Health Access Program operated under Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre. This program is open to patients being discharged, or having been recently discharged, from...

  • Pregnancy and Parenting Programs

    • Case Management for At-risk Pregnant and Parenting Women

      Counselling, case management, support and advocacy for pregnant and parenting women from a harm reduction perspective

    • Great Start Together Prenatal Program

      Great Start Together provides support and education to pregnant women and new mothers to: Learn about having a healthy pregnancy through workshops Get support from nurses, dietician, settlement workers, social...

    • Feeding Tiny Souls Infant Feeding Program

      Feeding Tiny Souls provides support for families related to lactation and infant feeding. This program offers lactation consulting, group programming, and resources to assist with infant feeding.

    • Parkdale Parent’s Primary Prevention Program (5Ps)

      This program provides support, nutrition and community programs information for pregnant families and families with infants 0-12 months of age. There are also occasional programs offered for parents with children...

  • Seniors Programs

    • Seniors Programming Details

      Our senior’s health promotion programming promotes healthy ageing through regular group educational, social, and physical activities as well as advocacy on issues affecting the wellbeing of low-income and marginalized seniors....

  • Youth Programs

    • CHEERS

      We are looking for Mentors, Community Mentors and Mentees for the program. If you are interested in learning more, click the links below: Are you aged 21 -35 and interested...

    • Youth Programs: Youth Case Management

      Our Case Manager can assist youth (16-29) in navigating various parts of the social system. This could be information and support in accessing: education, employment, housing, income supports, legal and...

    • Guys Can Cook

      Guys Can Cook! is a leadership and skills development opportunity for young men. Participants learn how to plan a menu and cook practical, nutritious and affordable meals while acquiring transferrable...

  • Women’s Programs

    • KAPOW On Zoom! (Parkdale)

      YES, WE’RE STILL HERE!! Join us weekly for a harm reduction-based, sex-positive, trans-inclusive BREAKFAST to reconnect with the community! KAPOW is a harm reduction-based, sex-positive, trans-inclusive, peer-supported drop-in. The program...

  • Programs for Newcomers to Canada

    • Child Minding Training

      The community child minding program provides opportunities for newcomer women and women living on a low income to develop skills and knowledge in early childhood development and community-based child minding...

    • Newcomers and Families

      Health promotion programming for newcomers aims to help newcomers and their families increase their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through accessing health services, programs, and community resources.

  • Nail Salon Workers Project

    • Detail on Nail Salon Workers Project

      This program aims to learn about and reduce the negative health impacts of working in nail salons, and advocate for healthy and just work environments for nail technicians.

    • Resources for Nail Salon Workers

      Resources Queen West Nail Salon Workers’ Project in 2014 produced two videos which look at the workplace health issues and the employment conditions of these workers, click on the links...

  • ID Clinic

    DUE TO THE COVID-19 Pandemic, the ID Clinic Parkdle Site is supended.  Please call PAID clinic at 416 691 7407 for assistance in replacing or obtaining ID.  Weekdays between 9...

  • Income Tax Clinic

    DUE TO THE COVID-19 RESPONSE, HOURS OF OPERATION HAVE BEEN REDUCED. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. File your income tax for free!  The income tax clinic is offered once a year...

  • Voice Mail Program

    Provides a low cost voice mail service that allows clients to retrieve messages from any phone. The cost is $10.00 for 3 months of service.

  • Special Events

    Please check back as our special events are updated.